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shake it out by i enrapture on Flickr.



The uncensored version of Diet Mtn Dew (in my opinion the best version of this song).

(…) Hit me my darling tonight
I don’t know why but I like it
Gotta get back to the wild
Give it up give it up
Live it up live it up (…)

(…) Hurt me and tell me you’re mine
I don’t know why but I like it
Scare me my God you’re divine
Gimme them gimme them
Dope and diamonds (…)

this is the fucking best thing I’ve ever heard I’m crying

Wednesday, 16 April 179,909 Plays


Atoms only exist when a conscious mind is observing them

The superstates of matter.

Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within people who do not practice any type of cleansing, physical, emotional or otherwise. The more you interact intimately with someone, the deeper the connection and the more of their aura is intertwined with yours.


Beautiful on We Heart It.

~Let’s chill in my Hippie Van~
"I hope one day
Your human body
Is not a jail cell,
Instead it’s a sunny
2pm garden with daisies
Thriving because of
Self love."


don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s d r e a m s

miss having this over my bed